Shift Perspective...a new direction.

Partnerships are established with junior and senior educators to advance best instructional practices and programs that will accelerate professional growth and development.  Coaching partnerships offer one-on-one and small group engagements to increase competencies and formulate action steps aligned with professional goals and institution’s mission.  

The process is designed to support early career educators and senior colleagues develop productive relationships and excel in their academic professions.

When you shift perspective, a new direction emerges that presents opportunities to dream, discover, and connect with your psychological assets that will help you capitalize on your strengths to achieve superior performance and enhance positive relationships.  With a coaching partner, you will gain valuable insight to live a life by design as you shift perspective, expand awareness, and realize aspirations.  


Alliances are formed with executives & community leaders to increase motivation and commitment through strength awareness and relationship building. The coaching program offers a platform to identify talents and opportunities for strength utilization aligned with performance goals and business objectives.

Leveraging the power of leadership and relationship engagement will help you achieve the “90 percent factor” of emotional intelligence.