“Sandra has extensive knowledge of the psychological aspects of human behavior and motivation.  She places special emphasis and effort on truly knowing her clients so she has full understanding of their strengths that lead toward the path of success.  Sandra utilized her expertise to design and personalize coaching engagements to meet my individual needs, which improved every aspect of my life.  She is an excellent motivator and accomplished in turning her clients’ thinking from negative to positive and from feelings of failure to those of success.”   - Ann Cavallo, Ph.D., University of Texas

"Sandra offers her clients something unique and immeasurably valuable. She provides the gift of insight, clarity and positive accountability. I have found that she is a generous coach, a reliable accountability partner and a perceptive listener. Her ability to capture the most important areas of strength in me and remind me how to leverage those areas to achieve future goals has been an integral part of my professional development and success during this last year. If you are lucky enough to work with Sandy, your accomplishments will be overflowing.”   - Dr. Stacy McAfee, President and CEO at University College of the Cayman Islands

 "Sandra is an amazing coach - we spent one year working on my professional development and I was able to achieve a promotion thanks to her guidance and hard work. Sandra always takes as much time necessary to work towards your goals and helps you visualize what the obstacles may be. She's always available for any last minute consultation and keeps track with very detailed notes of what is important - she has a wonderful memory and brings those notes and observations back when the time is right. She's insightful, intuitive, able to work at different paces, and incredibly smart - I've never worked with anyone like her - I always looked forward to our sessions." - Carla Perez-Vera, Events & Sponsorship Lead at Samsung NEXT

“As a result of my coaching engagements with Sandra, I gained the ability to perceive situations from another angle and learned to train my mind to objectively change at a pivotal point; and focus on my strengths.  I believe Sandra’s expertise is very valuable and would be appreciated by all women leaders dedicated to grow business in their organizations."   - Sima Alefi, Vice President-Investments at Wells Fargo 

“Sandra was the featured speaker at the Blackhawk Museum Guild for our January event. Sandra’s keynote presentation on “A New Year, A New You” was informative, interactive, and inspirational.  Her engaging style encouraged associates to draw on their strengths and values as they designed a roadmap to assist them in achieving their business and personal goals.”   - Dee Thompson, Program Chairperson

“Sandra has a remarkable blend of talent to help people grow and work through obstacles; and an amazing reservoir of positive energy to bear on every human situation. I have benefitted greatly and unhesitatingly give her the highest, most unqualified endorsement as the best coach of the positive psychology paradigm you could ever hope to meet.”    - Dr. Steven Borish, California State University East Bay

"When Sandra completed our first round of workshops, our CEO told me to work with her to bring in more development workshops because he felt that Sandra truly got our workforce engaged in their own development."    - Robert Kerin, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Macro Plastics, Inc.

 "At the conclusion of the communication skills training program which included a staff retreat and a series of one-day seminars, it was evident that Sandra's work with us improved communication skills, our understanding of fellow employees, increased cooperation, and improved the overall operation of the Fire Prevention Division."   - James A. Mackie, Fire Marshal  

“Along the journey of life, you meet many people. Some give you lessons to learn, some offer you experiences, and some change your life…Sandra Moody has been the bearer of these gifts.”     
- Marlowe Prinzing, President, Boardwalk Investment Group

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. 
                                                                                                                    – Marilyn vos Savant

Shift Perspective...a new direction.